No job has been found yet. I fell over something in the house at night and cut the front of my leg, took the skin off my knee and punched a hole in the side of the leg. Everything is healing up and the top of my foot and the front of my ankle is not quite as numb now, but that is nothing, nothing at all. A young man in the same class as the youngest daughter, (that class is  graduating this year from high school)  went over the center line of one of this area’s many country roads in his pickup truck. It happen on a bridge. The lady in the vehicle coming in the other direction could not get over because of the  bridge railing so they wrecked and they both burned up.


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  1. Yes they were both killed. I think the young man died on inpact. I heard the woman was conscious, but her husband could not get her out of the car. He was in a car behind her.
    I did go to the doctor. I had to get a tetanus shot and an antibiotic.

  2. I hope your leg heals quickly… I’m also sending some find-a-good-job vibes your way… it’s out there, it’s a matter of connecting… Good luck! Feel the love, jen

  3. Wow, your life is full of accidents, one way and another. Take care of yourself — that sounded like a pretty bad injury, dear. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s classmate . . . so tragic.

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