The youngest is at college. She is not happy. She might be in time but I doubt it.  No job in sight for the husband. I have to see what I can come up with with more hours. I fear there is not much out there in the way of jobs for anyone these days and nothing at all for someone my age.

“The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”  Jenny I read the beginning and the end of  M K’s D  maybe I should go back and read the whole book.

“The Book of Fate” I have not read it.

I read “The Golden Compass”  when it first came out.  I liked it. The movie comes out one day after my birthday. I see it has not yet been rated. I wonder what the rating will be. CisB. I think most books are like that. (Not for everyone)

I liked most of  the last  Harry Potter book.

One book I really enjoyed reading is “Because of Winn-Dixie”


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