Update on things.


The youngest is still in college. Her roommate is there now too. She recovered much faster than they thought she would and she is making up the time she missed.

The middle one is in her last year at the moldy, old, hysterical college. One of the classes she is taking is climbing. Last year she fell off her bike and broke her arm. I hope she does not fall off the climbing walls now, or the mountain they are going to climb at the end of the course.

I am working more hours, which is good, but only as many is I can and still be part time, which is bad.

The job search.  Right now the job search is not a search.  He has started a Career Switcher Program to be a teacher. There were two test to pass before he could sign up and the second test score came in the mail on the last day to sign up for this session. The session ends at the end of November.  He is also subbing at some of the local libraries.  

We will soon join the many people in this country with no health insurance. At least we were told that but no one can tell us why.  The cost of it is crazy.


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