We had the two cats,  that was more that enough.  One day a kitten came up, came in and decided we were nice, and knew the other cats did not really mean they did not like him with their snarling and growling, and moved in. Wilhelm  was here several days when I heard a noise under the house, another kitten. He did not come in, was sure, I think, that we must be axe murders and those cats were going to tear him into little bits.  He stayed under the house about a week. I put food out in the yard. One day he came in the house. We named him Jacob.

Will would walk with me. He could cover some ground and never get tired.  Jacob stayed in the yard and waited for our return.  They were both here long enough for me  to have the Neuter Scooter cancel the appointment that I had waited a little too long to get in the first place.  In desperation I drove them to a SPCA about an hour away on a Sat. morning  waited in that area most of the day because I could not afford what the vet would charge to get them fixed.

One night about three months ago,  Will went out. I was up late and I thought I heard a noise. I am not sure what it was. A car backfiring maybe. We have not seen Will since.  I do not know if he got scared and ran and could not find his way home. I hope he is still alive,and that he found someone else he knew right off would feed him and be kind to him.

Jake stays in the house most of the time. I know he misses Will,  so do I .


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