I have not posted in forever and a day. May 13, 2011 I went to hospital with Afib. I had never heard of it. I am going to try an ablation on January 10, 2012. I now know that I have an atrial septal defect. “Swiss cheese like holes” between left and right side of the atrium. I also know to never go to Cardiology Associates PC or Lakeview Medical Center Cardiologists. Cardiology Associates because they all went away and left me in the hospital in the “wonderful” care of Lakeview Cardiologists who have not learned anything new in years. I now go to a super group of doctors, Cardiology Consultants, LTD, that are treating the Afib and found the ASD that has always been there, but the first 2 groups of doctors did not find it.
It would be super if the ablation works the first time, but that is unlikely. If it does work and knock out the Afib then I get the opening closed up.


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