Heart part 2


After being told that I could not have a cardioversion and I could never take any of the heart medicines that control rhythm. Dr. I know nothing that has happen in the last 25 years, said all I could do was take the medicine that controlled my heart rate a little, take the medicine that might keep me from having a stroke and later get a pacemaker.

I left the cardiologist’s office with names of doctors that I hoped have learned something new after they left medical school and that maybe had not been out of it so long, but maybe long enough to have experience.

I found several doctors and called one. I had a hard time getting my records to him. The cardiologist’s (the one I had wasted 2 months with.) office did not know how to send the records to the electrocardiologist. Several days after calling the cardiologist’s office I called the record department of the doctor’s practice and got a person that did know what to do.  I got a call from the electrocardiologist’s office several days later and got an appointment about 1 month later. I had wasted 2 months with Dr. I know nothing that has happen in the last 25 years, then had another month of waiting to see the electrocardiologist.

Now it is August. I go to the electrocardiologist, Dr. G.,  and he says lets do a cardioversion using an electrical shock. One of the things I was told I could never have. So I said sure. The doctor thought I looked very unhappy. He wanted to know if I was sure I wanted to do that. I told him I was just confused because what he was saying was so different from what I had been told.

The cardioversion was not bad, It happen on September 1. 2011.  I only had to be shocked one time. I have to take Multaq which I hope I can stop before too long. What I do not understand is why they did not do this in the hospital when I went in when I first found out I had AFib but there are many things the first doctors messed up on.

I have been going and having EKGs and everything has been fine. The doctor wanted an echo because he needed to see if there was any improvement in my heart because he thought I would be a good candidate for an ablation, so I can have one right that day, which is great because it saves me a trip and more time off work.

The echo was just to take a few minutes. After about 10 minutes the technician ask me if I had ever had an echo. I told her I had two of them, one in the hospital and one later at the other doctor’s office. She then asked if I had ever had a bubble test. I had not. So I had had a bubble test and then went home.


There’s a hole and it ain’t in the bottom of the sea.


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