Ablation and beyond.


I had the ablation done on January 10, 2012 it took 6 hours.  The first 4 days after I felt fine and was encouraged. Then I am not sure what happen, but I started to feel really bad, I had chest pains, trouble breathing, and just felt terrible. I called the doctors office and was told to call back if I got worse. I called back several times and finally talked to the nurse that did get some tests done, the tests did not show any problems, but it took another week for me to feel as good as I had right after the ablation.

It is now February 28 and I still do not feel as good as I did before I had the ablation done.

I do not have the Afib beats now, but I do have an extra bottom heart beat that is worse now. The doctor is talking about another ablation for that. I am not sure I want to go through another ablation, but when the beat is really acting up I feel so worn out.

I was in the hospital for 4 days 2-21-12 to 2-24-12 to start a new medicine, sotalol. That replaced the multaq. On Friday 2-17-12 when I was at the doctor I told him I was having trouble breathing. That is better now.  The bottom beat is better now I think. It is hard to tell. This is such a long drawn out ordeal. If the beats every get taken care of then I have to have the hole fixed or if the extra beats can not get taken care of I have to get the hole fixed and just live with the medicines and the beats. Atrial fibrillation is a discouraging condition.

I am going to keep walking and lose more weight and I plan to feel better.


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