Walking with Jake


This is Jake. We were out walking this morning.


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  1. Hi Cat,
    It was a little bit confusing, trying to get to this site, but it finally came up. Guess what? I too have Afib and have had an ablation. That was done in either 1998 or 1999. The irregular heartbeat seemed to be all fixed but found out in 2006 that I had it again. This was when I went in for surgery to replace my right knee joint. All I can do is take Coumadin to thin my blood so I won’t have a stroke–hopefully.

    You’re doing a good job of explaining all the technical things that go along with this condition. I blame my problems on age and also heredity. My only sister had the same thing. And we both have a leaky heart valve.

    Best wishes to you, your husband and your “passel” of cats. You may have a hole in your heart, but you’ve still got a good heart. Take care.

    Pat Carroll Marcantel

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