Last Days of Walkabout


Time does fly by. I have walked more the past three weeks to try out the Balance shoes I got for Dr. Weil’s Walkabout,  a very enjoyable task.  I have walked at local places I had not walked at before like Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, VA and the track at Windsor High School in Windsor VA. I have gotten one of my friends to walk  more to help her take her mind off her job loss. My family and pets have  walked more.  This has helped us all both mentally and physically.

I have another heart ablation on May 31, it has been moved back one more day, I wish it could be moved up. Then some time after that I will have the atrial septal defect fixed.  It has been a difficult year, finding out what atrial fibrillation is the hard way and finding out about the atrial septal defect that I have always have.  Quite a surprise, but it does explain a lot about my health through the years.

I could sit around and worry about it all or I could get up and take a walk.

Be back later I am going to take a walk!

************ Here I am at the track at Windsor VA,  such a bouncy walk! ************


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