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I do know this: If you are green you can run though a corn field naked and not be seen if you get to close to the edge.

Cherry trees


I see I have a picture of me watering a cherry tree. Well talk about a waste o time. One tree lived and without another one no cherries. Deer love cherry trees. I hate deer. Have had apples, blueberries, no pears and there is another pear close by.  I am tired and do not feel like worrying about trees.

What to write.


I am still alive. I still know the password for this site. I found out I really did not remember how many ablations I had.  I am still working.  The Gore Helex is still patching.  I wonder if it is all worth it. I wish some of the many doctors had figured out why I felt so bad all my life. I feel like everyone around me would have had a different life. Better? Maybe, who can say?

Where does the time go?


Damn. I looked at the last post. 5 years. I am still living. The ASD is still fixed.  Everything healed from the fall. I still walk, not as much, but now what is slowing me down is an ulcer on my leg, crappy veins.  I am not having much luck healing this one.  Walked a mile today on the track in Windsor. That was good distance for me now.

Why is it always something?


After I got the ASD closed with the Gore Helex I was up to walking 3 miles at a time, more than I have walked at one time in about 9 years. I had walked it in a little less than an hour and was feeling pretty good about that.

But, yes you knew this was coming…. I tripped over a speed bump in a parking lot, hit my head, broke a bone in my left hand and hit my right knee. That was three weeks ago. I still have a bump and bruise on my forehead and around my left eye, a cast on my left hand and arm and my knee is still swollen. I did not walk much for a week. Now I am up to a mile and a half at a time. I am hoping to be walking 2 miles and then 3 miles again before to long because I want to walk in the 5 K Hog Jog in Smithfield, VA on Saturday, October 12, 2012.

I did walk 3 one mile walks last Sunday so I think I can do it. Wish me luck.

It has been 2 weeks and a day since the ASD closure.


I am feeling some better now. I hurt more that usual, but I do not know why. I went early to have an echo on Thursday August 9th because I called and told them how rotten I felt. The echo shows the Gore Helex is where it should be. Now if the thing stays that way and I do not get really allergic to the metal in it I might feel even better.  Not as good as I would have if some of the damn doctors I have been to over the years had figured out what was wrong with me and not just put it off on mild depression. Get a clue doctors, anyone would be mildly or more depressed if they never feel good.

I wonder if I should have not got a Gore Helex and had surgery to fix the hole? I guess time will tell.